Why You Will Love Your My Order Cup


There are so many reasons to love the My Order Cup!

It's totally reusable, totally customised & totally unique.

Make a fashionable, environmentally-conscious statement with our fabulous colours & designs.  Laser engraved with your own name & order, you'll be the envy of your friends & colleagues.

No one will ever get your flat white confused with a cafe latte ever again.!

The double wall stainless steel will keep your drinks hotter or colder for longer; you'll help to reduce waste & save the planet by easing the burden on landfill; and best of all, many of your favourite cafes will offer a discount if you BYO keep cup.




Why not help your favourite barista save time & keep track of orders with a personalised My Order Cup?

Available in two sizes, various fonts & five stylish colours, the My Order Cup is laser engraved with your name & favourite drink order to keep the caffeine coming.  Or the chai.  Or the hot chocolate.

We think you will love it & so will your barista!

My Order Cup - Saving the Environment One Coffee at a Time.


Each year in  Australia we use up to 3 billion take away coffee cups & lids. 

 Because most disposable cups have a plastic lining, they are unable to be recycled & an overwhelming majority of them end up in landfill  or in our environment. 

It takes hundreds of years for plastics to breakdown in the environment, contributing to marine & land pollution.

So if you find this alarming like we do then say no to single use cups & choose to reuse.  

Reduce your ecological footprint & replace your single use cup with a laser engraved, personalised reusable cup from My Order Cup.

Because every little bit helps to reduce waste.


Responsible Cafe Organisation


Responsible Cafes connects cafes with conscious consumers, builds community & reduces waste by encouraging cafes to offer an incentive or a discount  (20¢-$1) to customers who use their own  reusable cup.

The initiative is growing exponentially, now including over 4,400 cafes, councils & universities across the country.



Take your My Order Cup to your favourite cafe & start saving today!